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Elevated gifting

We are a custom gifting service specializing in corporate and client gifts using locally sourced artisan products to elevate the gifting process and create a memorable experience.

The Art of
Elevated Gifting 

We strongly believe in creating meaningful and memorable gifts, ones that speak to your company's unique needs, so you will not find an online shop here. What you will find is a thoughtful process that is simple to navigate and results that are aligned with your goals.

From design to delivery, every step of our process is customized to meet your needs and reduce your stress. Whether it's 20 thoughtful client gifts or 1,000 employee gifts, we have it covered!

you won't find one here,
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I was born Atarsha Blue in the small town of Camden, Alabama surrounded by family, fields and freedom to roam. From as early as I can remember, I possessed a desire as well as the ability to create. My creativity took various forms through the years and my desire to create grew and evolved with time.

Camden & Blue has been the dream I have searched for most of my life; a way to create thoughtful and meaningful work all while being of service to others. It has been my greatest outlet and I am overjoyed to share it with you!

I’m Atarsha.
Welcome to Camden & Blue!

Abbie pike- shipt

"The box itself is so nice, the way you packaged it was so meticulous, and the curation of the products is spot on. Thank you for taking your time on these and I can't wait to do more work with you!"

lauren roth- laurel & sage

"She was so thorough in the design process, paying attention to the personal touches that would really make the gifts special, and she listened so well to what I had in mind and expanded from there." 

At the heart of our customized process is our mission to create beautifully designed, on-brand gifts; allowing you to demonstrate gratitude in the most considerate way, with no effort on your part. Our process values you, your time and your project.

With an understanding that each project is unique, we have made every step simple to navigate with a hands-free approach for you.

Your project is given the care and attention it deserves from the beginning to the end. 

individualized attention

Customized Process

We have created an opportunity to further simplify our gifting services with a limited series of carefully curated, pre-designed gifts ready for you to make your own with a few customized design elements. Saving you time to focus on other aspects of your daily to dos.

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