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  • Custom gifts. What does the process involve? The process is simple! Complete our inquiry form. We will reach out via email and/or a phone consultation to gather detailed information for your gift concept. A design proposal will be created for review, usually in 2-3 business days. Once approval for the design concept has been given, the magic begins! 
  • What is the timeframe for creating custom gifts? We require 2-5 weeks to source, assembly, and deliver/ship custom gifts based on order quantity and custom needs.
  • What are your methods of delivery? Under certain circumstances, hand delivery can be made within a 2 hour radius of the Greater Birmingham area. Regarding shipping, gifts will be shipped via USPS services.
  • What options for gift boxes are available? Our 2 piece gift boxes are available in white (gloss) and kraft (matte). Gift box sizes we normally use are 11-¼ x 11-¼ x 4-½ inch (5-7 items), 9 x 9 x 4-½ inch (4-5 items) and 7 x7 x4-½ inch (3-4 items). Please take note, we can provide additional gift box options to even further customize your gifts.
  • Are there gift order minimums? Yes! Client gifts require a 10 gift minimum. Corporate gifts require a 20 gift minimum. Wedding gifts require a 5 gift minimum. 


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